About Us

Company Summary
Its founder and Chairman George Hateley formed BREON Defence Systems at 1988.  His vision for introducing innovative products either through their design or the capability they bring to the operational user, has lead to the introduction of a small but efficient suite of products.  BREON’s introduction of TASER to the Australian market and its aim for its eventual use by all Police officers has been testimony to this considered and measured approach.

The company now has three functional divisions.

Law Enforcement
This is lead by the TASER products, but also includes Stop Stick – tyre deflation devices and M-Scope – walk through metal detectors, to name a few.


This division provides timely responses to regional urgent operational requirements (UOR’s) plus ongoing customer support to its network of Special Operations and Counter terrorism units.  BREON provides exclusive equipment in Night Vision, blue and red force Tracking Systems plus leading edge surveillance equipment.


Safety Systems
The newest division of BREON, by way of diversification, BREON has searched some of the finest ideas and technology in the Defence industry to find products, which would also serve the civilian market.  The MyZone Worker Alert System and the Absolute Trac personnel tracking and monitoring systems are both now being developed further by BREON


BREON operates to ISO 9001 standards and aspires to continue to build its team of committed enthusiastic men and woman.