Law Enforcement

Stop Stick

Stop Stick is the world’s leading tire-deflation device for high-speed pursuits.

Proper deployment occurs well ahead of an approaching target vehicle, with officers a safe distance from the “hit,” yet in control of the device position via attached cord reel.

Teflon®-coated quills penetrate the tire and act as valves, releasing air at a safe, controlled rate

Dummies Unlimited

Dummies Unlimited has been manufacturing Scenario Based training equipment for Law Enforcement and Public Safety training over the past 53 years.

Cuff-Man is a uniquely designed training dummy that is ideal for teaching proper arrest and control techniques without the typical injury that is associated with this type of training.

Cuff Man is a human featured training dummy with flexible joint action in his wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips. Locking elbows allow you to perform a variety of arm-bar techniques as well.


When we say portable we mean a truly dynamic detector capable of being rapidly deployed within minutes instead of hours.

With only one operator the M-Scope can be deployed and transported to virtually any location and be up and running within five minutes!

With a battery life of 40 hours, a total weight of 42 kilograms, and a unique one-person transport configuration when collapsed, the M-Scope will empower you with previously unavailable security solutions.

Intelligence Technologies