Cyber Intelligence Platform Network | PC | Mobile Exploitation and Dissemination

BREON is the representative of a superpower­ grade cyber intelligence system developed by a global, professional and vetted vendor -­ dedicated to network, PC (Windows, MAC and Phone (iOS / Android Platforms) exploitation and dissemination operations.

In the pasted couple of months BREON got strong and positive validation feedback from Australian Federal and State level law enforcement agencies about the platform capabilities, design, approach and the overall cost effective total cost of ownership (TCO) to operate it. The product (turn key solution platform) enables intelligence agencies and law-enforcement organisations to conduct effective and scalable cyber intelligence operations covertly within multiple computer networks, their connected devices, mobile devices and individual PC’s of interest to customer. Recent global terrorist attacks and armed conflicts have proven that the most valuable intelligence resides within a network of computers rather than within a single device. In addition the recent escalation in cyber crime requires advanced capabilities enabling covert and silent lawful, remote and over the Internet penetration of the adversaries and cyber criminal’s layers of security controls.

The platform is built for exploiting any network to selectively and discreetly spread throughout that network and infiltrate the highest-­value targets, as well as extract the most valuable intelligence. Being easy to deploy and operate the platform automatically manages all stages of the cyber intelligence operation lifecycle utilising a user­friendly operational interface. Rationalising, simplifying and handing lawful offensive cyber capabilities to non­cyber experts. Proprietary infiltration agents are silently deployed into target device with minimal target interaction required. Once deployed, the untraceable agents (using best practices and advanced evasion techniques) immediately identify and map any and all networks of the target, including computer networks (workgroup or domain), social-­media networks, and web-mail services. In parallel, the agents gain root/system permission and initiate undetected data exfiltration tasks, as well as manipulation and control of local programs and device hardware (communication programs, webcam, microphone etc.). The sensitive and strategic nature of cyber intelligence operations compelled the design of the platform to be as an off-the-shelf product, deployable as a stand­alone platform at customer facilities.

Once deployed, the platform is completely inaccessible to anyone outside the customer organisation, guaranteeing maximum information security. Intelligence produced and collaboration with other customer systems may be facilitated via the local API upon customer request.


• Turn key solution with low Total Cost of Ownership.

• Revolutionary agent dissemination and management capabilities.

• Multiple and concurrent infiltration operations, conducted parallel to numerous live agents.

• Unrivaled PC access and manipulation toolset (control target programs and hardware).

• One comprehensive system to manage all stages of the cyber intelligence operation.

• Proprietary capabilities (not sourced or bought).

• Off-the- shelf, standalone design for virtually untraceable operations.

• Deployment that includes advanced professional and technical training.

• Robust and scalable system for future operational needs.