Septier Cellular Extractor, a tactical cellular acquisition, positioning and interception system, is part of the Septier GUARDIAN™ suite of products. Septier Cellular Extractor intercepts calls, SMS messages and data, extracts a variety of information regarding cellular devices active in its area of coverage, and provides location information regarding them. Completely developed in-house, Septier Cellular Extractor excels in flexibility of capabilities, features and configurations. Used by leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide, Septier Cellular Extractor is a reliable, cutting edge tactical cellular solution that caters for all tactical cellular needs.

Identities Extraction For Cellular Devices

Septier Cellular Extractor extracts identities of cellular devices active in its area of coverage, including IMSI, IMEI and MSISDN. This functionality enables users equipped with a database of numbers to identify potential targets active in the area, collect additional information regarding them (either through the system or through other means) and pursue other operational measures.

Various Positioning Capabilities 

Once identities of cell phones in the area have been extracted, Septier Cellular Extractor provides also information regarding their location. Various positioning methods allow calculating the estimated location of the acquired cellular devices with high accuracy and reliability. While for some scenarios this degree of accuracy is more than enough, there are some cases where the location of a certain target needs to be pinpointed. For such cases, Septier Cellular Extractor provides Active Positioning capabilities through remotely forcing the target phone to transmit continuously. Then you can easily home in on the emitted signal and find out where exactly the device, using Septier Archer™, a high accuracy positioning sensor

Key Features:

Identities Extraction for Cellular Devices

Various Positioning Capabilities

Interception of Voice, SMS and Data

Capabilities Extension in 3G/4G

Multi Cells, Multi Technologies

Various Configurations