Voyager Labs is a leading AI and cognitive deep learning company that enables businesses and the public sector to obtain the insights needed to understand individual behaviors, interests and intent, ultimately creating a more prosperous and safer world for all.
Using an innovative, scalable, and cognitive approach, we have an unparalleled ability to interpret the complex layers of unstructured data in the social sphere. By analysing billions of “human pixels” and signals – publicly available data that is available to all, but not understandable to all – we provide comprehensive, far-reaching, and high resolution insights on individual and group behaviour.
Our platforms work at scale; searching, aggregating, and fusing billions of publicly available data points and human behavior pulses from the social sphere.
We have created solutions that empower and enable leading organisations in the private and public sectors to glean valuable insights in real-time, and make informed decisions, alter revenue models, and address pressing business challenges.
Founded in 2012, Voyager Labs currently employs a multidisciplinary team of experienced experts in the fields of cognitive computing, machine learning, data science and cyber-security. Our offices and R&D centres are located in Washington DC, New York, London, and Israel. Voyager Analytics Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary operating in the USA.

Voyager Labs offers to platforms:

VoyagerAnalytics provides actionable insights that empower those responsible for making the world a safer place. The Technology is unmatched in its ability to analyse vast amounts of unstructured data. We drill down to the granular level and transform immense amounts of data into an understanding of content, connections and concepts – bringing a multitude of invaluable insights to our users.

The Platform puts core AI and deep learning to work for those who have the profound responsibility of investigation and other security-related activities. For them, we don’t just connect existing dots – we create new dots. What seems like random and inconsequential interactions, behaviours or interests, suddenly become actionable insights that were previously unattainable. These actionable insights are revealed in seconds.

VoyagerCheck is an automated vetting system that can instantly answer a predetermined set of questions. This enables appropriate stakeholders to make crucial decisions on the spot. Many of our clients use VoyagerAnalytics and VoyagerCheck in parallel – because results surfaced by VoyagerCheck can trigger the deeper dive that our analytics platform makes possible.