Stop Stick

STOP STICK is the world’s leading tire-deflation device for high-speed pursuits. Proper deployment occurs well ahead of an approaching target vehicle, with officers a safe distance from the “hit,” yet in control of the device position via attached cord reel. Teflon®-coated quills penetrate the tire and act as valves, releasing air at a safe, controlled rate.

Officers around the globe rely on STOP STICK to end pursuits safely, prevent property damage, reduce liability and save lives, including their own. With over 150,000 police vehicles equipped with STOP STICK and more than 17,000 pursuits ended safely, STOP STICK has become a staple of law enforcement at the municipal, county and state levels.

STOP STICK® – Features & Benefits


  • Plastic housing provides officer safety during deployment and removal from the roadway.
  • 80-foot (24m) cord allows the deploying officer to stand a safe distance from the road.
  • Engineered to deflate tires without blowout; hollow Teflon® coated quills act as valves, releasing air at a safe, controlled rate.
  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming, costly and potentially hazardous repair to deflation device.
  • No debris left on roadway.


  • STOP STICK offers the fastest deployment of any tire deflation device.
  • Trunk-mounted storage rack allows for fast, easy access.
  • Lightweight construction – just over 1 pound (.516kg) – makes deployment and retrieval virtually effortless.
  • In-sleeve deployment allows an officer to throw device from the side of the road and quickly remove it by pulling the Cord Reel.
  • Multi-directional spikes ensure correct deployment (any side can be facing down).
  • Simple design is not dependent on complicated and unreliable technology such as wires and remote controls.


  • Deflates tires on virtually all vehicles including cars, buses and tractor-trailers.
  • Can be used by departments with or without no-pursuit policies.
  • Can be deployed grouped in a 9-foot (2.7m) or 12-foot (3.7m) sleeve.
  • Works on a variety of terrain.